Windows 10 Update Aims To Identify Best Photos, Videos

Windows 10 Update Aims To Identify Best Photos, Videos

Windows 10 update:

I started to hate Twitter these days.

Since 2008, it has been a constant flow of communication channels – direct and filtered. Celebrities, basketball stars and even the president can rush to give up. windows 10 update.

Over the past decade we have been living in times that have not been filtered to update the times, but let me wonder if there is a better way to spontaneously share ideas but more civilization.

In the recent case, President Trump published a brief speech about the possible end of the press conference. Only issued a prepared statement. The implication is that journalists can not ask questions in an open format or engage with representatives of the White House. It will be more structured and controlled, less democratic. Regardless of your political views, it’s a strange tweet.

But is he really like that? Is this a pocket statement?

Part of the problem over the past decade is that once you send a tweet, you can not really take it back or edit what you say. Twitter online abuse is still a continuing problem. Even as employees reveal the details of the company plan too much can enter the process, and then will not come back.

Once the tweet lives, anyone can save forever.

For me, President Trump’s tweet shows that everything Twitter is wrong. We are not talking about freedom of speech. We are talking about a tool that encourages an unfiltered attitude – without taking into account consequences or injuries.

What will work better? An example is on Facebook, it’s easy to return and edit the post or delete it. This is a closed system. if I tell a friend he is an idiot or shares a confidential marketing plan, it is still a person who contains it. Friends on both sides can see the post. This is one of the reasons I know a few people have deleted their Twitter account but are still loyal to Facebook.

Another answer to the question is the use of AI routines that are more intelligent and fast when discovering online misuse or warning users about confidential information.  With better contextualization and smarter filters, Twitter can send a tweet before it occurs and send a warning to the user about online harassment or other issues. It will not happen today. Once again, this is not a matter of freedom of speech. Warned users to be a useful way to curb online abuse and prevent harassment.

I rely on Twitter – this is the main tool for communicating my work. Despite this, I still keep a safe distance – I only post my job and occasionally share some personal information. This is not a safe environment, it will never be so safe. This is a place where unfiltered comments are rampant. There are ways to make Twitter more intelligent and secure. The question now is – what will Twitter do?


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